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Forrester Guest Speaker: Boris Evelson

[On-Demand Webinar] Make Agile Operational Reporting A Key Part Of Your Insights-Driven Business Transformation

Most enterprises have already started their journey to become data driven. They manage to transform at least some of their data into indicators or signals, and they base at least some of their key operational, tactical, strategic decisions based on such signals. But getting signals from data is where many such efforts and benefits end.

The next level of evolution - what Forrester calls insights-driven business transformation - is the ability to transform enterprise data into insights, which in turn trigger actions that affect tangible business outcomes. Enterprises also face an additional challenge and an opportunity - turning data into actionable insights in an agile manner - a key capability of adaptive enterprises.

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In this webinar you'll learn from our guest speaker Boris Evelson, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
  1. What are the tangible benefits of becoming an advanced insights-driven enterprise and why is it so critical for enterprises to become highly adaptive?
  2. What is the role of real-time operational reporting in an insights-driven and adaptive enterprise?
  3. What are the best practices – strategy, people, process, data, technology – to become an advanced insights-driven enterprise?
In addition, Rupesh Sharma, CEO of Orbit Analytics, and Ravi Jasti, CTO of Orbit Analytics, will present on the following topics.
  1. How does Orbit Analytics empower business users in developing and sharing real-time, actionable insights to increase operational efficiencies?
  2. What are the built-in process accelerators in Orbit Analytics and how are customers achieving an elevated reporting experience from multiple sources of data?
Boris Evelson

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Boris Evelson

Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery

Boris is a leading expert in insights-driven business (IDB) capabilities. Boris delivers strategic guidance, helping enterprises define IDB strategies, governance, and architectures and identify vendors and technologies that help them put information to use in business processes and end user experiences.

Boris' current research focuses on the practical and actionable best practices for building IDB strategies and roadmaps, including a holistic look at people, process, data, and technology components. Boris also continues to explore emerging trends such as infusion of AI capabilities into IDB technologies and how advanced IDB capabilities are a key part of modern adaptive enterprises.